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At 0:00 on October 12th, Beijing time, the 2020/21 season UEFA National League A Division 2 third round of a strong match was started at Wembley Stadium. England played against Belgium at home and lost first. In the case of one goal, England scored a goal with Rashford and Mount, and defeated the world No. 1 Belgium 2-1. They succeeded in revenge, ending Belgium's 12-game winning streak and surpassing their opponents with 7 points. Team leader.


In terms of FIFA world rankings, England ranks fourth in the world, while Belgium ranks first. In the historical confrontation, England has an absolute advantage with 15 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses. However, the two teams have played against each other in the past 2 times, and England has suffered losses, both in 2018. World Cup (group stage + three or four finals). In the first two rounds of the European League, Belgium ranked first with two wins, followed by England with 1 win, 1 tie and 4 points.

在FIFA世界排名方面,英格兰排名世界第四,比利时排名第一。在历史对抗中,英格兰以15胜5平4负的绝对优势。但是,这两支球队在过去的2场比赛中互相对战,英格兰在2018年都遭受了损失。世界杯(小组赛+ 3或4场决赛)。在欧洲联赛的前两轮比赛中,比利时以两场胜利排名第一,其次是英格兰以1场胜利,1个平局和4分。

In terms of personnel, both teams suffered a lot of injuries. In England, Sterling withdrew due to injury and Chilwell was also absent due to injury. Southgate made a 343 formation in this campaign. Trippier and Arnold separated the left and right wing guards. , Maguire, Kyle Walker and Dale formed three central defenders, Henderson and Rice partnered in midfield, and Mount, Rashford and Lewin formed an attack group.

在人员方面,两支球队都受伤了。在英格兰,斯特林因受伤退出了比赛,奇尔威尔也因受伤而缺席了。绍斯盖特(Southgate)在这次战役中进行了343次编队Trippier和Arnold分离了左翼和右翼后卫。 ,马奎尔(Maguire),凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)和戴尔(Dale)组成了三名中后卫,亨德森(Henderson)和赖斯(Rice)在中场合作,而芒特(Mount),拉什福德(Rashford)和莱温(Lewin)组成了进攻组织。

On the Belgian side, the main goalkeeper Courtois withdrew due to injury, Hazard was absent due to injury, Mertens was in isolation and missed the team. In this campaign, Lukaku single arrow forward, De Bruyne and Carla Behind Sco, Castagne and Meunier separated the left and right wing guards, Tillermans and Witsel partnered with double midfielders, Aldweirelder was on the defensive line, and Mignole guarded the goal.


In the 11th minute of the opening, Belgium made an inverted triangle from Mounier's right to assist Carrasco to score a goal, but Castagne's offside position interfered with the goalkeeper and the goal was invalidated.


In the 16th minute, Belgium took advantage of the penalty kick to take the lead. Lukaku dribbled the ball on the right and Dale broke into the penalty area and was shoveled down by the latter. The referee decisively awarded a penalty kick and Lukaku personally made a hit.


Lukaku's goal put an end to England's record of six consecutive games (up to a year). He also became the first player to represent Belgium to score a goal at Wembley Stadium in the past 56 years.


In the 39th minute, England also used a penalty kick to equalize the score. Trippier took a right corner kick to the penalty area. Henderson fell to the ground under the pull of Menier in the penalty area. Yeah showed a yellow card warning.


Rashford made a steady penalty kick and became the fourth player in the history of the England team after Bobby Charlton, Beckham and Rooney, to represent the Three Lions and score 4 consecutive appearances.


At the end of the first half, England drew 1-1 with Belgium. In terms of technical statistics, the England team only completed 2 shots, 1 of which was on goal, while Lukaku scored 2 shots alone. The team scored 6 shots. Shot. The two sides changed sides in the second half to fight again.


In the 64th minute, England overtook the score. Arnold made a pass. Trippier made a header near the bottom line of the penalty area. Mount took the ball from the left side of the penalty area and then shot it. The ball hit Aldweirelder’s leg. Then the line changes, flying into the upper right corner of the goal.

在第64分钟,英格兰超yobo真彩越了比分。阿诺德传球。 Trippier在禁区底线附近建立了头球。芒特从禁区左侧拿到球,然后射门yobo真彩app。球撞到了Aldweirelder的腿。然后线改变,飞到球门的右上角。

In the 64th minute, England took the lead in making substitution adjustments. Calvin Phillips and Kane came on the bench at the same time, replacing Henderson and Lewin respectively.

在第64分钟,英格兰率先进行了换人调整。卡尔文·菲利普斯(Calvin Phillips)和凯恩(Kane)同时坐在板凳上,分别取代了亨德森(Henderson)和莱文(Lewin)。

In the 73rd minute, Belgium also made personnel adjustments. De Bruyne was replaced and the teenager Versharon came on the bench.

在第73分钟,比利时也进行了人员调整。 De Bruyne被替换,少年Versharon登上了替补席。

Then neither of the two sides made any achievements. In the end, the whole game ended. England defeated Belgium 2-1 at home, avenging the World Cup two years ago.


After this round, England accumulated 7 points to overtake Belgium to the top of the group, and ended Belgium's record of 12 consecutive victories in the race.